now on view in NYC

Splendor in the Grass: Kinesthetic Camping Ground

“Eager to play and armed with a sense of humor, Droog has thought out all the details for Splendor in the Grass…[it] is one of those rare exhibitions where you’ll end up learning more about yourself than someone else.”
— Cool Hunting

“Through our Kinesthesia Art Commission award we hope to push the boundaries of traditional Museum-going experiences and encourage patrons to appreciate physical art,” says Mark Snyder, Director of Exhibitions at the Museum of Sex. “Expect to use your entire body when you visit Splendor in the Grass.”

For its 2nd annual Kinesthesia Art Commission the Museum of Sex presents Splendor in the Grass, an immersive installation by world renowned Studio DroogSplendor in the Grass translates the campground setting into a surreal adult playground where the complexities of human sexuality are at play in multiple physical, visual and olfactory experiences. Enveloped in elaborate forest-like scenery, this sensual habitat is complete with a moving sky, campfire and live park rangers. Five interactive camping tents connect the visitor to phases of sexual stimulation and the thrill of arousal in an encounter that is both whimsical and titillating.