OBJECTXXX: Selected Artifacts from the Museum of Sex Archive

Objects tell stories. Embedded with their own narratives, history and significance, objects are symbolic creations of various eras, belief systems and, at times, manifestations against societal taboos. While some of the objects presented in this exhibition are creations of fantasy and a desire to augment attraction and pleasure, others have medicalized origins, pop cultural resonance or represent personal legacies. Here, mementos and ephemera of the past mix alongside contemporary representations of how technology is fueling a new terrain of devices, highlighting a range of objectives and innovations surrounding sexuality. A deeply nuanced topic, sex has served as an inspiration for a wide range or artists, scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, inventors and practitioners.


The featured artifacts in OBJECTXXX: Selected Artifacts from the Museum of Sex Archive speak to the depth and diversity of artifacts that exist in the Museum of Sex’s permanent collection of nearly 20,000 items. Amassed through directed acquisition and generous donation, the Museum of Sex’s permanent collection, research library and extensive media library are an extension of the institution’s dedication to the preservation and presentation of the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality.