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Sex in Design/Design in Sex

Design has the power to shape experience; lending intensity to sexual encounters and adding a sensual thrill to everyday objects. From subtle manifestations to overt declarations, sexual imagery appeals to the universal human desire for pleasure. Sex in Design/Design in Sex highlights the best and most compelling sexually inspired contemporary designs from around the world.

Design is a conscious process that encompasses the traditions and aesthetics of fine arts, architecture and engineering. Everything in our world is designed, from the homes we live in, the cars we drive, the clothing we wear, down to the way our food is laid out on a plate. Elements of shape, texture and color interact with varying intensity to either take our senses by storm or quietly fuel our perceptions of erotica.

The selected artifacts in this exhibition will explore the dynamic relationship between sex and design, with a focus on trends from the close of the world war era to contemporary times. The appreciation of form will be examined in historical context with an emphasis on prevailing sexual attitudes and the development of material technology.

Sex in Design/Design in Sex will present a spectrum of sexual imagery, from the blatant to the subtly sensual, leading patrons through the nuances of the powerful and ever-present relationship between sex and design. Featured artifacts range from the objects that enhance our sexual exploits and play, to the suggestive utilitarian and decorative pieces that construct our environments, elucidating the power of design to trigger our erotic imaginations. From digital design to clothing design and from product design to “green” design, sex has served as a potent muse for designers and an indisputable obsession for consumers.


Sarah Jacobs
Curator, Museum of Sex

Elizabeth Mariko Murray
Assistant Curator


Pentagram Design Inc.


Sponsored by Kiki de Montparnasse