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Cam Life

Cam Life: An Introduction to Webcam Culture delves into the untold history of cam and web chat, and the potential for internet broadcasting to blur the lines between public and private life and ultimately create a more democratic space for sexual expression. Considering the rise of virtual intimacy and the proliferation of erotica in numerous forms since the introduction of the World Wide Web, this exhibition investigates the complex evolution of sexual desire in the age of the Internet.

Cam Life pulls together exclusive interviews and content from Internet pioneers, original commissioned works by six contemporary artists who integrate the world of online camming and pornography into their practice, and an extensive collection of artifacts chronicling the expansion of sexual expression on the internet from early text-based chat rooms to high-definition explicit one-on-one intimacy. The show also introduces the booming professional cam studio industry in the developing nations of Romania and Colombia, and it features dynamic interactive installations—including an audience participation cam stage.

“The concept of creating your whole home as a studio is now. This is the era of the home studio. Shakespeare said that the world is a stage, but the world is a sound stage. And the difference between last century and now is, last century was making programming FOR the audience: movies, television, radio, newspapers. For this century, it’s programming THE audience.” —Josh Harris, Internet Pioneer, from exclusive interview with Museum of Sex for Cam Life

About our Partner, CAM4

CAM4 is a global Cam platform with over 1 Billion annual views. It was one of the first adult webcam sites to embrace diversity. Anyone, regardless of race, gender and orientation are free to join the Cam4 community. In an industry that stereotypically promotes young females of conventional appearance, CAM4 welcomes male, female, transgender and gender non-conforming performers, embracing all shapes and sizes to celebrate individuality.


Serge Becker, Artistic Director, Museum of Sex


Emily Witt


Erika Blair


Lindsay Dye


Leah Schrager


Zac Adams
Tanya Corrin
Sean Dunne
Joshua Harris
Camilo Ramírez


Vex Ashley
Lindsay Dye
Shawné Michaelain Holloway
Mood Killer
Lorenzo Maccotta
Mickey Mod
Leah Schrager


Daniel Saynt