now on view in NYC

Bad: Betty A. Dodson & the Liberation of Masturbation, a Tribute

“My mission is to create an army of orgasmic women who will take control of planet Earth: a sex-positive matriarchy that honors life, liberty, and all forms of organic/orgasmic-happiness defined by each individual.”
— Betty A. Dodson

BAD: Betty A. Dodson & the Liberation of Masturbation, A Tribute is the first museum exhibition devoted to the 60-year career of radical sex educator and feminist icon Betty Dodson (1929–2020). No one believed in the emancipatory power of self-touch more than Betty. Told through her erotic paintings and drawings as well as Betty’s wise and bitingly humorous quotes, vintage photographs, videos, and ephemera, BAD chronicles Betty’s journey as young artist discovering her own sexuality and power in 1950s New York to an adult repressing her desires. After experiments with monogamy, marriage, and group sex, Betty eventually became the well-known liberated feminist who embraced her own sexual needs, destigmatized masturbation, and mentored others—particularly women—on their own voyages in search of self-acceptance and fulfillment.


Karen Eckhaus


Feiyi Bie


Erin Barnett
Margaret Gaines


Ralph Belfiglio, Astor Place


Carlin Ross & The Betty Dodson Foundation


Chase Adams
Solomon Leyba
Joseph Gannon
Ashton Hudgins