What Will You Do This World AIDS Day?

What Will You Do This World AIDS Day?

This Saturday, December 1st, will be dedicated to raising awareness of AIDS caused by the spread of HIV infection, showing support for those living with HIV and to commemorate those that have died from the disease.

It will also be an opportunity to take action. Being aware of the facts about HIV and acting on that knowledge to inform your behavior are vital steps in taking care of your own health and the health of others. Here are a few simple, powerful and engaging ways to get involved:

  • Share information on Twitter about how you’re taking action for World AIDS Day and use the official hashtag #WAD2012.
  • Visit the AIDS.gov blog for more ways to get involved.

Get pumped for World AIDS Day this Saturday with this fun “Sexy Fingers” video by AIDES (warning: NSFW), which conveys an important message. Watch it HERE.


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