Vote With Your Raincoat!

UPDATE: The results are in. Here are the results as of 4:30pm on November 6th:


Vote in the first ever Museum of Sex PROTECTION ELECTION POLL with the purchase of Obama and Romney condoms ($3) at the Museum store!

The presidential raincoats are available in-store and online. Each condom sold counts, your voting power can be more influential with each condom purchased. No Electoral College in this election – the candidate with the most votes wins. Final results will be published on Election Day, November 6th, 2012.




Features and Benefits of the Obama Condom:

Obama Condoms are the Ultimate Stimulus Package for hard times. Hope is not a form of protection.










Features and Benefits of the Romney Condom:

Great for switching positions, just like Mitt. This is one “safety net” that doesn’t have any holes.






Who are you voting for your next erection?