Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Porn On YouTube

I always thought that there was no porn on YouTube.

Granted, you’ll have the cats from 4chan find ways to post porn here and there but, it usually only lasts a few minutes or hours at best before the YouTube police find and delete it. But finding a full porno, with over 100k views…no way!

Unless it was starring Ninja Turtles.

Yep, that’s what I found. Porn on Youtube. Starring Ninja Turtles.

This is one of the most WHAT THE FUCK things I have seen in a really long time. This is coming from me, mind you.

Also, it’s kinda SFW, as they don’t show actual genitals.


This piece of internet comes courtesy of James Unsworth, a UK-based artist.

It’s worth checking out his other stuff if yer into art that’s on the periphery. Most of his work is populated by hyper-unreal depictions of murder, sex and dismemberment, comic/horrific figures engaged in acts of disembowelment, degradation and desecration while piles of body parts are splattered with simulated bodily fluids – much like the Ninja Turtle video! In the last two years he has exhibited alongside artists including: Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Chris Ofili, Paul Noble, George Condo, Stella Vine and Olaf Breuning.

Penis Addictions

“Because he’s in love with your vagina, does not mean he is in love with you.”

Introducing Alexyss K. Tylor, author of Spiritual Sexuality Vagina Power, and talk show host for Vagina Power.