TENGA x Keith Haring

Boy toys have never been this cool.

We’ve always been fans of Japan-based TENGA’s art-centric male pleasure items (a.k.a masturbation sleeves) and we’re thrilled to announce their collaboration with The Keith Haring Foundation! TENGA is proud to be the first brand in this category to bring forward a collaboration with such a recognized and celebrated artist. They’ve selected five of Haring’s iconic artworks for integration into the packaging and design of their CUP and EGG series.

The TENGA CUPS ($10) are the first in TENGA’s arsenal of revolutionary male pleasure items. Pre-lubricated for ease of use, these devices can be enjoyed by simply opening the sealed cap at the bottom. With 40 complex internal textures and malleable sides, you can easily achieve an optimal sensation.

The TENGA EGGS ($8) are without a doubt one of the most discreet pleasure products for men on the market. These egg-shaped masturbation sleeves offer several unique internal textures and a super-stretchy elastomeric gel that can cover any size. It also functions as a sleeve for any standard vibe, dildo or wand, just flip it inside out.

TENGA x Keith Haring is now available for purchase exclusively at the Museum in-store and online. Guys, the future of masturbation is really here.

The folks at Animal New York tested out the egg series already. Find out what they thought: Yes, We Tested The New Keith Haring Sex Toys

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About Keith Haring
Keith Haring was an artist and social activist who frequently used his art to speak out about social issues. He was one of the best known among the young visual artists, filmmakers, performers, and musicians whose work responded to the urban street culture of the 80s. Openly gay, Haring was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, and in 1989 he established The Keith Haring Foundation, whose mission it is to support not-for-profit organizations that assist children, as well as organizations involved in education, research and care related to HIV and AIDS, as well as to sustain, expand, and protect the legacy of Keith Haring, his art, and his ideals.

TENGA Co., Ltd. was founded on the concept of bringing sex and sexuality to the forefront, for all to enjoy. On the 7th of July 2005, the “male pleasure item” brand TENGA was first released; a line of safe, functional, well-designed and above all enjoyable male pleasure items – products used for male masturbation. The revolutionary products did away with the obscene imagery and lewd products of the past, with pioneering design and technology creating products of functionality never seen before in the industry.

Their TENGA CUP, EGG, FLIP and the award-winning TENGA 3D serve to bring sexual health and wellness to the forefront, eradicating obscenity and taboos with function, style, and hygiene. Their TENGA 3D Series designed and produced by TENGA was awarded the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2012” by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany, and was the first ever male masturbation aid to win the prestigious design award.

For further information, please visit their official global site: tenga-global.com.

Get A Room!

Now when someone says that to you, you can. And you should.

Dayuse-Hotels.com, a libertine lodging service that lets you book upscale hotel rooms by the hour, has now launched stateside. Skip the no-tell motels and choose among more than 200 hotels in the world: to work, rest, rendez-vous

Take your pick from a wide selection of boutique hotels, which can be booked in time slots from 3 to 7 hours depending on availability. The reservation process is highly discreet; room rates are 30 to 70% cheaper than a full night’s stay. Dayuse even has an iPhone app to make it that much easier.

To celebrate the NYC launch, we’re giving away a day stay: Simply share your sexiest hotel/motel story in the comments below or on our Facebook page to enter to win a stay at the MAve Hotel NYC! Winners will be announced May 30th and your stay must be redeemed by June 30th.

The Mave NYC



The Pages of Sin — a brief history of prostitute guidebooks

I just wrote an essay for the New York Times on the history of prostitute guidebooks through various “golden ages” of sin, from Renaissance Venice to Georgian London, belle époque Paris and pre-WW1 New Orleans… (I discovered them while researching my books The Sinner’s Grand Tour and Napoleon’s Privates… the NYTimes essay itself, Guidebooks to Babylon, can be seen by clicking here…)  My argument is that these books, long dismissed by scholars, are actually troves of information about the long-forgotten underbellies of various cities — and the forgotten 99 percent of history’s population.

I thought readers might like to see a few images related to the piece:

The frontspiece of the 1788 edition of Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies, the bestselling annual directory to the working girls of 18th century London.

The Gentleman's Directory to New York... unfortunately, many of the American guides are rather bland compared to the Rabelaisian European versions.

Pages from the Little Black Book, a guide to Kansas City prostitutes in the 1890s; the most creative of the US guides, it includes wicked poems and stories about naughty nuns. I found a copy in the Obscura curiosity store on Tenth Street, around the corner from my apartment in New York...


A few notes didn’t make it into the essay due to length…

For example, one of the Renaissance guides, the bluntly-named “Price List of the Whores of Venice,” was composed in the form of a vulgar dialogue between two noblemen, with practical details about the courtesans woven throughout the text.  Today, it is useful to historians as evidence of male insecurity at the growing economic power of the women…