So They Can Know

Help make sex more awesome for everyone and eradicate STDs.

So They Can Know is a website designed to help people who’ve been diagnosed with STDs notify their partners. Users of the website can access information on how to talk to their partners themselves or watch videos that model STD notification conversations. The website also allows users to send anonymous notification emails to sexual partners that they wouldn’t otherwise tell. These emails are sent by the website and let partners know what they need to get tested for, provide some basic information about the STD, and link recipients back to So They Can Know to find a clinic or doctor who will test them.

There are 19 million new STD cases each year in the US. Nearly half of these, or 9.1 million, occur among 15-24 year olds. Many infected individuals do not have symptoms, do not get tested and treated, and unknowingly spread the STD to their sexual partners. Partner notification, in which the sexual partners of STD patients are notified of their potential STD exposure, is one of the most effective ways to address this public health problem. However, only 23% of at-risk partners are ever notified.

With your help, So They Can Know can remain a free service for the next year and provide free promotional materials to STD and family planning clinics to give out to their patients. This will ensure that there will be more people notifying their partners, more partners getting tested and treated, and fewer people spreading STDs.


Jessica Ladd presents So They Can Know at TEDxMidAtlantic in DC:

About Sexual Health Innovations
Sexual Health Innovations (SHI) is a nonprofit organization that has created and is maintaining So They Can Know. Their mission is to improve the sexual health of Americans by promoting more effective use of technology and to achieve this by creating effective new technology products, conducting high-quality research, and advising non-profit and governmental organizations on how to better use technology to improve health. Jessica Ladd and Jenny McManus are the two leaders of the So They Can Know initiative with long-standing commitments to sexual health. For more information, visit