In this issue: Like my hand did

Friends with Benefits is a bi-weekly newsletter MoSex publishes to keep you up on your sex news and send you invites and deals just for friends of the Museum.

In this issue:

  1. Keith Haring’s Bad Boys are now at MoSex.
  2. Ms. M:  “If you don’t feel the contractions happening in her vagina around your cock, then no, she didn’t just cum.”
  3. Like my hand did. This is a Boyfriend revolution.
  4. Norman Mailer does Marilyn Monroe.
  5. From the XXX Series.
  6. A chance encounter with Rio Gay Pride.
  7. Ram it with Ducky Doolittle.
  8. December 1 was World AIDS Day.

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Featured image: Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern. Buy it in the MoSex store.