Carnival Des Corbeaux

UPDATE: The Carnival des Corbeaux has been cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. 

Get ready for six nights of revelry with the Carnival des Corbeaux starting tomorrow Friday, Oct. 26  through Wednesday, Oct. 31 at Sleep No More’s McKittrick Hotel (530 W. 27th Street).

Feathers, cross-dressing, black magic, Siamese twin and nudie flavors….let the Halloween festivities begin. Get your tickets now.

The schedule for Carnival des Corbeaux is as follows:

Friday, October 26: “Le Charmeur de Serpent”
Let the animal kingdom inspire your dress for the evening. Feathered, furred, or scaled attire required.

Saturday, October 27: “La Contorsionniste”
Throw modesty to the wind and flaunt your flesh. Come in your most glamorous and provocative attire.

Sunday, October 28: “La Femme a Barbe”
Unleash your alter ego of the opposite sex. For this night, dress in your gender-bending finery.

Monday, October 29: “La Clairvoyante”
Conjure the spirits of the dark side. Dress as sorcerers, witches, fortune-tellers and other bohemian creature of the night.

Tuesday, October 30: “Les Sœurs Siamoises”
On this night, bring along your identical twin.  And make sure you stay side-by-side. Triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets and beyond are most welcome.

Wednesday, October 31:  “Le Sorcier”
On All Hallows Eve, the choice is yours. Come dressed as the carnival denizen of your choice.

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