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  • Grumildos: Bizarre. Grotesque. Sordid. Charming.
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Synthesized from the imagination and reality of the red-light district of Lima, Peru, “Grumildos” combines elements of kinetic theater and puppet performance. This voyeuristic experience reveals an intriguing world of forgotten characters brimming with mythological beings....

  • My Life Ruined by Sex: The Works of William Kent
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My Life Ruined By Sex: The Works of William Kent

This exhibition explores William Kent’s (1919-2012) calamitous life through his art, highlighting his skill and creativity as well as the paradoxes that drove him, bringing his erotically charged work back to New York for the first time in nearly 50 years. ...


Sexualpedia Part 5: Why Do I Like Wetlook?

But why in the world would anyone become sexually aroused—sexually fixated, you might say—on amateurs in wet clothing? The answer is somewhat different than the explanation of men's predilection for breasts or women's predilection for billionaires. Breasts and billionaires are both cued interests. Most wetlook,...